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Apple vs Epic Games Results in Cupertino Giant Having to Add Third-Party Payment Options in Its App Store by December 9

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Apple vs Epic Games Results in Cupertino Giant Having to Add Third-Party Payment Options in Its App Store by December 9

Apple has just been ordered to add certain third-party payment options to the official App Store by Dec. 9. This is a result of its motion for a stay being denied in the famous case between Apple vs. Epic Games.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on the Case

According to the story by CultofMac, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers stated the motion. It was argued in the statement that the Cupertino giant needed time to implement this change.

This was reportedly based on a selective reading regarding the Court’s findings and was noted to “ignore everything” in favor of the whole injunction. Judge Rogers initially ruled on the whole Epic Games vs. Apple case back in September.

Third-Party Payments

Apple reportedly won nine out of the ten counts regarding its own App Store policies. The company, however, lost the most important one that stated that developers should be allowed to offer certain third-party payments within their own iPhone and iPad apps.

Cupertino has reportedly confirmed that it will appeal the whole decision, and just last month, the company filed for a delay regarding the changes. The company has also reportedly argued that it will take time to work through the number of different “complex issues.” Apple has also announced that they are planning to remove the disabling of Face ID for iPhone 13 users that choose to get third-party repairs.

‘Complex Issue’ Regarding Implementation of Third-Party Payments

These “complex issues” are reportedly associated with adding certain third-party payment support. This is something that has never been done on the iPhone or the iPad before. Judge Rogers noted that they feel that a stay is not warranted in this particular case.

It was noted that Apple’s motion is based on a certain selective reading of the Court’s official findings and ignores all of the other findings that reportedly supported the injunction. It was noted that they didn’t just ask for additional time but rather asked for an injunction, which would then effectively take years.

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Across-the-Board Stay

It was noted that the Cupertino giant asked for a certain across-the-board stay which could then take three, four, or even five years. The App Store is now set to implement these particular changes by the said date, according to The Verge.

Mark Perry, Apple’s lawyer, believed they were going to win the appeal. Once again, it was noted that it would take months for the company to be able to “figure out” the complications regarding allowing third-party payment systems.

Perry noted that this would be the first time the company would allow live links within the app for digital content. It was noted that this would take months for the company to figure out the whole economic, engineering, business, and other issues.

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