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Apple Search Ads Usage Goes from 17% to 58% of iPhone App Downloads in 2021 | App Tracking Transparency

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Apple Search Ads Usage Goes from 17% to $58% of iPhone App Downloads in 2021 | App Tracking Transparency

Apple Search Ads usage ramps up from 17% in 2020 to 58% in 2021. The move now appears to be benefiting from Apple’s privacy push in 2021.

Apple Search Ads

According to Apple Insider, the company’s very own in-house advertising arm, Apple Search Ads, appears to be benefiting from Apple’s recent privacy push in 2021. The article notes that this is with the business growing in market share at a certain time when rival advertising firms have reportedly been having trouble targeting advertising directly at potential customers.

The introduction of the App Tracking Transparency has most certainly impacted the advertising business, prompting an immediate drop in revenue when it came to the industry that relied on tracking ad viewers between both apps and websites. A couple of months later, it then appeared that the changes were beneficial to Apple’s own bottom line. 

Mobile Marketing Analysts Give Statement

Mobile marketing analysts whospoke to Financial Times revealed that Apple’s Search Ads have reportedly seen a dramatic rise in usage. It was noted to be responsible for 58% of all the iPhone app downloads compared to the 17% in 2020. 7-Eleven was recently found to collect customer facial imagery even without consent which breached customer privacy.

When it comes to revenue, it is now reckoned that Apple could be earning a whopping $5 billion from advertising in 2021 while rising to $20 billion a year within a total of three years. Alex Bauer, Branch product manager, noted that it is like Apple Search Ads had actually gone from playing just in the minor leagues to now winning the World Series in the span of only half a year.

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Apple Privacy Initiatives

Researchers at Evercore ISI, meanwhile, note that Apple’s privacy initiatives have actually significantly altered the whole landscape of online advertising. It is currently thought that Apple’s very own ATT program that opted users out from the previous online advertising left certain rival firms operating “blind,” according to ad analytics from Kochava’s very own Grant Simmons.

Although ad firms are still stuck with a whole 72-hour delay on ad data, which is mostly provided in aggregate form, Apple’s very own advertising service is noted to offer a much greater level of data. This particular disparity led to one particular unnamed mobile advertising executive giving a statement. The Google AI department is now getting a class-action lawsuit for using 1.6 million confidential records of NHS patients.

According to the executive, Apple had actually given itself a free pass since it is not really subject to the exact same policy that every other ad network is currently subjected to. Furthermore, it was noted that there is the claim by SpotHero chief marketing officer Chris Stevens that the whole advertising system’s ability to focus ads on users did not really correlate with Apple’s own privacy rhetoric.

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