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Apple MacBook Air 2022 Speculations: M2 Chip, White Bezels, New Keyboard, iMac Colors, and MORE

Apple MacBook Air 2022 has new speculations for its next release, and it would bring a lot of upgrades to the PC laptop like the ones that the latest MacBook Pro with the M1X and M1 Max has gotten. Yes, the thinner bezels and notch will befall the MacBook Air 2022, as well as the speculated M2 chip that would upgrade from the current release now.

Apple MacBook Air 2022 Speculations

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Apple MacBook Air 2022 has plenty of speculations that are rising now, and it is from a highly trusted leaker called “Dylandkt” that has had several of their predictions come true for Apple devices. Now, the popular leaker was involved in new speculation for an Apple product, and it is with the new MacBook Air 2022 that would come with an upgrade next year.

Dylandkt has prepared a thread for the upgrades of the next MacBook Air that would come in the middle of next year, as well as it would feature the upgraded Silicon SoC with the M2.

The leaker said that people should expect it to look like the MacBook Pro’s recent October 18 release but would still be thinner, lighter, and would have white accents on the bezels. The notch would also come for the new MacBook Air 2022, as well as a MagSafe charger apart from its USB-C ports.

It was not mentioned by the leaker if it would have the HDMI ports and other important connectors of the laptop from Apple, like the MacBook Pro. Dylandkt also said that people should expect that the device would have more colors like the 2021 iMac with the M1, something that would make Air users have more options to choose from.

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The design will be similar to the new MacBook Pro while being thinner, lighter. There will be a binned option under the configuration options. Multiple external display support will be available, at least 2 displays. The color options will be similar to the iMac 24.

— Dylan (@dylandkt) October 21, 2021

Apple MacBook Air Upgrades

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Of course, the upgrades would focus more on the performance of the PC laptop, and it would be brought by none other than the M2 chip that would be focusing on the power of the Apple Silicon. The upgrades would be significant and would move away from the last release of the MacBook Air from 2020, with the first edition of the M1 semiconductor.

Ideally, the MacBook Air is the lighter device among all Apple laptops, and it delivers on this without sacrificing performance and function when it delivers on the device. Apple made sure that the same chip would be in the MacBook Air and Pro in the M1 release of 2020, and the only differences with them are its screen, the Touch Bar, battery capacity, and capacities.

Still, this does not make the MacBook Air M1 inferior to its Pro sibling from Apple’s release.

Apple MacBook Air’s MacBook Pro 2021 Upgrades

The MacBook Pro 2021 upgrade is what will fall on the MacBook Air but is not necessarily the same device that is applied to a lighter form. First off, it would be the M2 device to arrive, and next is the new colorways.

More interestingly, it was said to be the first MacBook that would have mini LED but still would not have the Face ID as speculated from the company for its laptops.

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