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Apple iPhone 13 Pro: Macro Mode Camera Option is Now Available in iOS 15.2 Beta 2

Apple’s iOS 15.2 beta 2 brings a fix for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max’s camera application, particularly the Macro Mode that has been automatically going on a closeup setting whenever near an object. It has proven to be a nuisance to users, especially as it cannot be toggled on or off in the previous versions of the iOS, but now, it sees a fix. 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Macro Mode iOS 15.2 Beta 2

(Photo : Ming Yeung/Getty Images)

The iPhone 13 Macro Mode setting for the iOS 15.2 beta 2 has been spotted by Aaron Zollo, a tech YouTuber that has explored the new beta released by the Cupertino giant. According to Zollo, the Macro mode setting can be toggled on or off using the flower icon on the bottom left of the Camera app, for manual control of the zoom. 

Not all instances call for a macro shot of an object, and it sure would be annoying for it to pop up whenever taking a photo when getting close to objects. 

According to 9 to 5 Mac, users also need to get close to a subject of the Camera app for the Macro mode to appear on one’s device. The flower icon would be hidden whenever taking wide shots or portraits as it does not concern the Macro mode. Currently, this is the setup of the Camera as made by Apple for iOS 15.2 beta 2.

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro: Other Fixes from new Beta

In iOS 15.1, the disable Macro mode feature can only be toggled via the Settings of the device, and it would be a hassle to turn this on or off for a user as there would be a need to navigate in between apps. Also, this is a feature for the Camera app, and it would be easier to have this available on the app itself, something that Apple corrected for this update. 

Apple’s iPhone 13 and iOS 15 Now

(Photo : Jeremy Bezanger from Unsplash)

The new beta that arrived earlier this week has given users a lot of updates for their latest smartphone devices and all users of the Apple iOS. The iOS 15.2 Beta has brought new updates for the likes of the iCloud+ subscribers that focus on the more secure use of the Apple operating system, promising its top-notch security.

Another security feature is that users can also toggle new protection for children that could be set up using the Family Sharing plan, where parents can protect their children from receiving nude photos. There would be a warning that would pop up on the screen, and it would then proceed to warn the user of an incoming file that can immediately be trashed. 

The features of the new iOS 15 are of great importance to the iPhone 13 series because it is the intended device to work best with the features, functions, and focus of the new software. Do not get us wrong and we are not saying that it would not work well with older iPhone versions, but the latest of what Apple has to offer is made for each other, particularly with the smaller things like the Macro Mode. 

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