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Apple iOS 15 Digital Legacy: Beta 2 Allows Family to Access Device Data, Apple ID If User is Dead

Apple’s iOS 15 Beta 2 is debuting the feature called “Digital Legacy” and it would help in accessing the device and user data of a person in an event that they pass away and have not left their details. Untimely events have no chance of fixing the things that a person currently has, and it would prove to be a challenge to those left behind. 

Apple iOS 15 Digital Legacy: What Is It?

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Digital Legacy is a feature that has been long available to the Cupertino giant but is not that much of a known process for all. It focuses on the life and death of a person, and addressing this concern can help in tackling the different mysteries of a person’s life even after their death, as digital data remains on the servers, devices, etc. 

Users can request access to a certain Apple ID, device, and more linked to a deceased person, where they can request Apple for access, under a verification procedure set up by the company. Users can also focus on asking Apple for help in deleting the said account so that no one can access it even as the device gets lost or sold. 

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Apple Digital Legacy: How Does it Work?

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What iOS 15 Beta 2 has to offer is the Legacy Contact feature that would allow a person to be their trusted legacy, and would help in choosing a person that can easily access their device once they pass away. Assigning a contact would also require verification and it would help in designating one trusted person to have their personal information from Apple. 

It would also help in bringing answers and information to different questions that a person that has passed on to the next life has left unanswered. The feature also serves as an insurance measure by its user, focusing on health, in the case of an untimely death. 

Apple iOS 15 Beta

Apple’s iOS 15 is still on its beta release for users, and it would seem like the previous iOS 14 that has stayed on a public beta for several months before releasing its full builds. This means that many features would still come forth for the new device operating system versions, and the world is only at the tip of the iceberg. 

The iOS 15 came for the devices on September 20, a few days after the popular event known as California Streaming that brought the lineup of iPhone 13 that people have anticipated. Since then, it has brought the different new features that Apple has to offer, especially with its new devices focusing on different advancements. 

The beta will keep on bringing new features to the device, and it includes extremely useful ones like the new Digital Legacy, focusing figuratively on life and death. The issue remains as people fail in addressing this problem, particularly as features get left behind concerning a person’s death. 

However, some are left to fend for the effects that a person has, especially with the growing digital data that one possesses. 

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