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Apple Car Gets One Step Further | Cupertino Giant Hires Director of Tesla's Autopilot Software in Effort to Produce Self-Driving Vehicles

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Apple Car Gets One Step Further | Cupertino Giant Hires Director of Tesla’s Autopilot Software in Effort to Produce Self-Driving Vehicles

Apple has been quite secretive when it comes to the Apple car, which is a self-driving vehicle. New sources, however, have revealed that the company is making big moves behind the curtain by hiring the director of Tesla’s autopilot software.

Apple Hires Christopher CJ Moore

According to Bloomberg, the company’s latest move is actually hiring an important individual from one of its toughest competitors yet. Apple has reportedly just hired Christopher CJ Moore.

Moore was reportedly the director for Tesla’s very own Autopilot Software ever since 2019 and had been working along with the company ever since 2014. Although Moore has yet to update his own LinkedIn page, according to Bloomberg, he will also be working on software at Apple and will directly report to Stuart Bowers.

Christopher Moore and Stuart Bowers

Just like Moore, Bowers had also previously worked as Tesla’s head of the Autopilot unit up until he was reportedly leaving in 2019. In May, Moore was said to be one of the employees who had told the California DMV regarding Elon Musk’s exaggerations about the automaker’s full self-driving timeline.

In a certain DMV conference call, he reportedly stated that Elon Musk’s statements about the Level 5 automated driving coming soon did not match the engineering reality, as seen on Reddit. It was noted that Elon Musk stated that Tesla’s technology will also operate with zero human intervention.

2019 Autopilot Crash in Florida

During that time, the technology was only capable of Level 2 self-driving, which reportedly required drivers to keep their hands on the wheel still. Moore was reportedly called as a witness in a certain lawsuit regarding the death of a man back in a previous 2019 Autopilot crash that happened in Florida.

The official documents about the whole lawsuit revealed that Moore had already left the company in early October. Both Moore and Bowers are just two of the said former Tesla employees that Apple had hired for its very own car division.

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Apple Hires Ex-Tesla Staff

Other particular hires also include Michael Schwekutsch, the VP of Engineering for Tesla and reportedly worked on drive trains. Another individual was Steve MacManues, who reportedly worked as Tesla’s very own VP of Engineering.

With the race towards self-driving cars getting hotter and hotter and Apple has not yet released its own Apple car yet. There is still a lot that can happen before the launch of the Cupertino giant’s first car. Tesla has also just recently introduced price hikes for the Model 3 and the Model Y.

As of the moment, however, Tesla has already launched a number of cars with its Tesla cybertruck reportedly up next. As of the moment, Tesla’s very first Canada-branded battery factory has finally been confirmed by Markham’s own mayor.

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