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Apple Admits it Competes with Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox as Most App Store Revenues are Gaming

Apple admits its rivals are Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. It comes as most of the revenues from its App Store are from gaming apps payment and their in-app purchases.

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The Apple logo is seen on a window of the company’s store in Bangkok on February 14, 2021.

Apple Admits it Competes with Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox

As per the report by Apple Insider, the Cupertino giant noted in its regulatory filing on Oct. 29 that its products are competing with other gaming giants, such as Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Nintendo.

The news outlet further recalled that Apple previously stated that the direct rivals of the tech giant are Microsoft’s Windows and Google’s Android.

But this time around, it turns out that the iPhone maker is highlighting how much it values gaming across its plethora of products.

Aside from the regulatory filing of Apple, the previous revenue history of the Cupertino giant showed that the iPhone maker is beating other gaming giants in profits.

In fact, even with the earnings of gaming firms, Activision, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, Apple still reigns on top, at least in terms of revenues, according to the report by CNBC. 

On top of that, aside from the product offerings of Apple. The Cupertino-based tech giant also has its gaming-focused platform that goes by the name Apple Arcade.

Apple Gaming Console?

However, unlike Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, the iPhone maker has yet to produce its gaming console or a product that markets itself as a gaming device.

Nevertheless, some sketchy rumors recently surfaced, claiming that Apple is secretly working on its handheld gaming console, similar to the Nintendo Switch or the upcoming Steam Deck of Valve.

What’s more, reports are also suggesting that the gaming console of Apple could house game titles that could compete with the exclusive games of Nintendo, namely “Mario Odyssey” and the “Legend of Zelda.”

But the Cupertino giant has yet to confirm such news.

It is worth noting that Apple’s newly-released iPhone 13 Pro Max and even the latest MacBook Pros models now support a 120Hz refresh rate, which is a feature that is popular to gamers due to its smooth buttery experience.

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Apple and Epic Games

Meanwhile, during the high-profile antitrust lawsuit that Epic Games filed against Apple, the latter said that its App Store is competing with other gaming platforms to argue that it does not practice monopoly.

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This illustration photo shows the Apple app store logo reflected from an iPhone onto the back of an iMac in Los Angeles, August 26, 2021. – Apple has agreed to loosen payment restrictions on its App Store, a major change announced in a settlement with small developers as the US technology giant faces growing scrutiny and legal challenges over its tightly controlled online marketplace. The change will allow small developers to inform their customers of alternative payment options beyond the official App Store.

On top of that, the Epic Games trial also exposed that the majority of Apple’s App Store revenue is from gaming apps, which accounts for 70% of the $15.9 billion total profit from the app marketplace.

And now, Apple is further proving its statement during the trial with its latest regulatory filing.

However, CNBC noted in the same report that the SEC filings of Apple are different from its latest regulatory filing. It is to note that it still does not clearly state that gaming console firms are its direct competitors.

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