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Angry Birds Classic Apk 8.0.3 Download Latest Version

Indignant Birds Classic Apk is a fun puzzle recreation in line with the destruction and revenge that birds will accumulate from pigs for stealing eggs. You participate in from the level of seek recordsdata from of Indignant Chook and it be essential to rep the eggs from the fairway pigs. The destiny of the Indignant Birds is at stake – be the suitable one to accumulate revenge on the greedy pigs who’ve stolen their eggs. Extinguish pigs by smashing their fangs utilizing each and each bird’s weird strength.

With this recreation, play for hours during the annoying and physical gameplay. Plus, each and each level of Indignant Birds Classic Apk doesn’t ultimate need logic and energy to resolve it. You’ll deserve to swipe and faucet the veil veil with your finger to attempt and delivery birds from a big slingshot. The aim is to bring down the structures and damage the monkeys and pigs which would possibly perchance be hiding there. On the starting keep of the game, the structures are less sophisticated and more straightforward to destroy. Nevertheless as the game progresses, varied materials toughen structures equivalent to ice, wood, and rock. Which makes the game provocative and tough.

Nevertheless don’t bother as your birds furthermore have obvious abilities for breaking down hardened structures. Every form of bird has a particular killer accelerate. For instance, the yellow bird flies during the air devour a rocket and the spherical-robin acts devour a cannonball that explodes causing severe harm. And whenever you occur to’ve gotten effort slaughtering pigs, don’t bother. Gamers can retry a level as frequently as they prefer without penalty, leaving them free to experiment with varied methods.


Title Indignant Birds Classic Apk
App by Rovio Leisure Company
App Size 99 MB
Android OS Model 4.1 and up
Model 8.0.3
Class Arcade

Valuable aspects:

In this recreation you will win the following well-known aspects and functions:

Do away with pigs by taking pictures birds taking into legend the authorized pointers of physics and how they’re going to have an effect on the trajectory of every and each shot.

Birds with outlandish powers:

Energy-united states of americalike Would possibly perchance presumably well also Eagle, a bird with supernatural powers that will assassinate all pigs straight away.

Liberate secret bid material:

A total bunch of ranges to total with fixed updates.

What birds come in on this recreation?

This title contains a big determination of birds that we are in a position to exhaust, though not all of them come in at all phases and their numbers furthermore fluctuate. The total checklist of birds is as follows:


The elemental model, with no particularities.

Yellow Chook:

Click on it and this is in a position to escape up for a moment, destroying any brittle materials it encounters equivalent to wood and glass.


This runt bird splits into three when clicked, destroying pigs and glass it encounters in its route.

Shadowy Chook:

This heavy bird explodes seconds after making contact with a drawback or when clicked, destroying entirely all the pieces around it.

White Chook:

If clicked within the air, this is in a position to drop an explosive egg which is able to break almost all the pieces around it when it hits one thing.

Green Chook:

This bird adjustments route when clicked, utilizing a boomerang enact that has a a ways more unfavorable strength.

Immense Brother Chook:

Love the crimson bird, but a lot better and more unfavorable.

Orange Chook:

The closing one added, it starts very miniature but ought to you click on it it fills with air and becomes big.

Easy methods to set up Indignant Birds Classic Apk on Android?

You ultimate need an Android smartphone with runt residence on the phone reminiscence or SD card. This would possibly perchance perhaps also not require a superuser login to set up it for your smartphone. Whenever you are ready, that you just can simply note the steps and set up it for your phone.

Step 1: Initially, it is advisable permit settings to set up third-social gathering apps. For that, it is advisable look at these easy steps. Plug to the configuration web page of your Android tool. Now scroll down and win the protection and faucet on it.

Step 2: Next, accelerate to settings, then win the “unknown sources” tab and permit it. On some gadgets, it is veil within the privateness settings, whereas on others it is provided within the fingerprint settings.

Step 3: Once the download is total, it is advisable stumble on the downloaded file for your smartphone. Probabilities are you’ll perhaps presumably also begin your SD card utilizing ES File Explorer Apk.

Step 4: Whenever you test up on the file, faucet on it. The appliance installation process will now delivery. If your phone shows a warning, ignore it and set up it anyway.

Step 5: After that, you will gaze an Set up button. Factual faucet on the “Set up” probability. (Your smartphone will now accumulate about a moments to set up the app.

Step 6: Once the app is installed, you will gaze an Open button. Press the “Open” button and likewise you are ready to make exhaust of the app. If the installation process affords an error please let me know within the feedback fragment. I will support you to with the installation.

Indignant Birds FAQs:

Q1. Can I play on multiple gadgets?

Probabilities are you’ll perhaps presumably also pointless to claim! Connect your recreation to your Facebook legend and secure pleasure from launching birds on as many gadgets as you wish. Logging into Facebook furthermore allows you to compete in opposition to your mates!

Q2. I updated the game and misplaced my development!

If your development has disappeared and likewise you had already connected the game to Facebook ahead of the closing replace, we will be in a keep to restore your development. To enact this, ship your seek recordsdata from with your email address ancient for your Facebook legend.

Q3. I will’t connect my recreation to Facebook!

To connect the game to your Facebook legend, strive to be logged in to your Facebook legend for your tool and likewise it is advisable authorize the game to access your legend. To enact this, begin Settings for your tool, faucet “Facebook” and be particular you are logged into your Facebook legend on this menu. Additionally, affect obvious the swap subsequent to Indignant Birds Classic apk Plug! Is within the “on” web web site in “Enable these applications to make exhaust of your legend”. It ought to enact it!


Indignant Birds is the most traditional recreation that reaches millions of youngsters and adults around the field. In the game, gamers can struggle through varied ranges to secure more facets and rewards. The game is provocative and fun. You’ve to make exhaust of your thoughts to keep close the game at obvious phases. Plug now to download the basic Indignant Birds Classic Apk! And we have Archer Mod Apk whenever you occur to devour to shoot your enemies.

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