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Amazon VP Who Helped in Developing Alexa, Echo Devices is Stepping Down Soon: Report

An Amazon executive who has helped in developing Alexa-enabled devices and even Echo smart home gadgets is reportedly leaving the company soon, according to a source who knows the current situation.

Amazon VP Miriam Daniel is About to Leave 

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UNSPECIFIED – SEPTEMBER 28: In this screengrab, Vice President Echo & Alexa, Miriam Daniel introduces the Echo Show 15 during Amazon Devices and Services Announcement on September 28, 2021.

According to a report by Bloomberg on Wednesday, Nov.3, some people who are familiar with the company’s actions said that Daniel’s last day in the office is on Friday, Nov.5. 

At the time of writing, the sources chose to remain anonymous until the official announcement came out to the public in a few days. A company spokesman said that Daniel’s exit was true, but he did not give further details about that decision.

Since 2018, the Amazon executive has been serving the tech giant as part of the voice-control engineering group. To date, Daniel’s presence in the office has become bigger than expected. She is considered as one of the most outstanding executives who has handled the development of notable Amazon devices.

In addition, she was also regarded in the division as one of the most senior female managers. Over the past years, the Amazon VP contributed a lot to the improvement of the company’s products.

Her high-profile presence during key interviews and press releases meant a lot for the e-commerce titan. Mostly, Daniel is one of the responsible executives for the latest Echo and Alexa-enabled devices. 

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The latest product that she has worked with was the Echo Show 15. For those who are wondering about this device, this newly-launched smart speaker presents a lot of unique features and even the addition of a screen.

Recently, Amazon has surprised customers upon the launch of its Astro home robot. This device resembles the size of a small dog that can walk around a house through its three wheels.

Tech Times reported in September that you can only get this smart home device through an invitation. If you are lucky enough to receive an email from the company, you can now buy it at $999 given that you have already reserved your slot.

Amazon will begin shipping the said product earlier next year. 

Bloomberg also reported that the tech product distributor is currently looking forward to bringing new wearables, smart speakers, and other car accessories for the users.

Amazon Work Arrangement

Last month, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy clarified that the decision for the work arrangement will be dependent on its employees. Instead of implementing a wide-scale decision, the company will allow the individual teams to decide.

Jassy chose this approach because he believed that every team could make a good decision by themselves. The tech titan said that while it anticipated the surge of employees who will come to the office, there will be others who will stick to their work-from-home routine.

The company directors will decide on the number of days that will be spent by an employee on either the physical workplace or home.

Amazon Drivers to Get $60 Million in Tips 

In another report by Reuters, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that over Amazon 140,000 drivers are set to receive $60 million in tips following the company’s illegal practice.

The firm immediately agreed with the decision and said that it would settle the agreement in February.

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