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Amazon Unveils Smart Air Quality Monitor | How Does it Work With Alexa?

Amazon recently launched another Alexa-enabled device that will solve the in-house pollution. Through the Smart Air Quality Monitor, you can now immediately evaluate the quality of ventilation inside your home.

How does it work with the company’s AI assistant?

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

(Photo : Amazon)

Amazon has launched its newest smart home device: the Smart Air Quality Monitor. Read more about this air quality detector that you can incorporate with Alexa.

According to a report by Engadget on Wednesday, Nov.3, the e-commerce giant is now offering an inexpensive smart home appliance that will help you check the air quality in your location.

The device can assess if your household contains carbon monoxide and even tell you if there’s an unhealthy amount of dust there. Moreover, it will also monitor the room’s temperature and humidity, as well as monitor other volatile elements.

Upon using the app, Alexa will be your assistant, which will check if the air quality is poor or not. The smart air quality monitor can also be used through your Echo device or even smartphone application. The voice assistant will give you tips on how to make the air cleaner and healthier to breathe.

With that, it’s now easier to activate your air purifier without any hassle. At any given time, Alexa will talk more about the condition of the air. You can also see a breakdown of the data through your phone or any Echo gadgets.

Amazon also ensures easy monitoring of the air quality thanks to the multicolor LED indicator on the smart home device.

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At this time, it’s safe to say that Amazon is headed to providing more useful services and healthier living at home for its customers. However, you should take note that it’s only good for indoor use. In short, smart home equipment cannot be a substitute for a typical carbon monoxide detector or even an alarm.

Amazon is now rolling out pre-orders at the moment for US residents. For only $69.99, this cheap air quality monitor is a must-grab for those who want to guarantee a safer home experience.

The deliveries would arrive starting Dec.8 so what we could do this time is to wait until further announcements are made by the company. If you haven’t yet purchased an Echo device, you can obtain either Echo Show 5 or Echo Dot, which cost $89.99 and $79.99, respectively, according to PCMag.

Amazon Alexa Users to Have Less Interaction With AI Assistant 

Earlier this week, Tech Times reported that Amazon’s digital voice assistant could receive several improvements in the future. 

Senior VP Tom Taylor said that they wanted their users to talk less to Alexa so that they could normally do their daily tasks. In this way, the people would not be fully reliant on technology.

Amazon VP to Step Down Soon

Another surprising news about the company involves leaving a high-profile person from her current position. 

The Amazon VP who has worked with the development of Alexa devices will officially exit the firm soon, according to an anonymous source who knows the tech giant’s plans.

The unnamed person said that Miriam Daniel would serve the office on her last day on Friday, Nov.5. 

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