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‘Alien: Isolation’ is Coming for Mobile, Android & iOS, But When? Everything You Need to Know

“Alien: Isolation” is coming to the mobile platform and it would head to both operating systems of the Google Android and Apple iOS, bringing the beloved 2014 horror survival video game to handheld devices. SEGA and Creative Assembly are gunning their way to the mobile devices and it would be available directly from the app store, and not from subscription platforms.

‘Alien: Isolation’ is Coming to Mobile: Android and iOS

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The popular “Alien: Isolation” game is coming to the mobile platform thanks to Feral Interactive, which has recently released the game’s trailer featuring the horrors that Amanda Ripley will face. The game would be available on both the Android and iOS platforms, focusing on the mobile release of the game for gamers to enjoy.

The game is now available for preorders on the Apple App Store for $14.99, and the “Alien: Isolation” mobile release would feature all seven DLCs of the popular title. The game is fully integrated to touch screen controls, as well as a customizable gamepad and interface to complement mobile gaming.

Not much has been changed on the popular 2014 game that would release for the mobile, still following the award-winning released by Creative Assembly.

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‘Alien: Isolation Release Date

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The “Alien: Isolation” game is coming in less than a month, particularly on Thursday, December 16, and it is one of the few games where gamers unexpectedly receive on the mobile platform. In a way, it is a revamp of the game to bring back the series to light, but it has not been remade or transformed to fit the modern resolution of 4K yet for consoles and the PC.

‘Alien: Isolation’ Is It Good?

The 2014 game of “Alien: Isolation” is greatly based on the popular movie franchise that focused on the extraterrestrials in a new light, something that greatly chills the bones with the presence of unknown creatures. The game has been a popular title ever since its release more than seven years ago, having the gold status for it.

Moreover, the game is inherently something for the fans, especially as it got Sigourney Weaver to voice Ellen Ripley, the known main character in the popular film franchise that started in 1979. The game has been highly regarded to be a masterpiece in survival horror, something that emanates the vibe and nostalgia of the films.

Nevertheless, its arrival on the mobile platform greatly presents a massive title venture for the game, something that helps in bringing the title into a new platform, that of which the mobile. It remains unknown how good it is on the smaller screen compared to consoles or the PC, but “Alien: Isolation” is a masterpiece of its own already.

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