Alexa can now greet people from your Ring Doorbell Pro

Ring doorbells also now have canned greetings and recording warnings
Alexa can now greet people from your Ring Doorbell Pro
Alexa can now greet people from your Ring Doorbell Pro

Amazon is announcing that it’s adding Alexa to its Ring Video Doorbell Pro, giving it the ability to speak to people after they come to your home. The feature is known as Alexa Greetings, and requires that you’ve got a Ring Shield subscription, which begins at $3 a month. For those who do, Alexa can ask your guests what they need, they usually can select to go away a video recording as a message. In the event that they’re a delivery person, Alexa will be capable to inform them the place to go away the packages — assuming the delivery person is prepared to speak to your robotic doorbell.

Past automating the method of taking video messages and directing deliveries, it’s unclear if Alexa will carry any additional performance.

The corporate can be announcing a Fast Replies feature, which ought to work on most of its doorbells with no need that subscription (although the corporate’s cheapest doorbell, the $60 Ring Video Doorbell Wired, isn’t getting that feature both). The feature lets you select a canned response similar to “we will’t reply the door proper now, but if you happen to’d like to go away a message, you are able to do it now” or “please depart the package deal outdoors. For those who’d like to go away a message, you are able to do it now.” After all, there are Also replies that allow the person standing at your door know that you just’ll be there in only a minute.

Lastly, Amazon can be bringing a motion warning to a few of its doorbells and cameras, which can audibly inform anyone round that Ring is recording if it detects motion.

All the new features will be turned on or off within the Ring app, so if you happen to don’t need Alexa answering the door for you, you may merely not allow the feature. Also, if we’re adding new features to the Ring doorbells, it might be nice to see a touchless doorbell perform added (especially since most of those these new features require truly urgent the button).

The bulletins come at a time when the corporate is each receiving criticism for working with police to offer footage captured by Ring cameras, and trying to extend the cameras’ attraction to privacy-centric customers by testing end-to-end encryption help.

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