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A Comprehensive Guide To The Continuous Bet

The continuation bet is a move in poker that has become increasingly popular over the years, thanks to its effectiveness and simplicity. Also regarded as C-bet, the move is easy to learn. New poker players can adopt this strategy on a basic level.


With this in mind, this guide will provide an insight into all you must know about the C-bet. Keep on reading!

What is a Continuous Bet?

Continuous bet involves following up a pre-flop raise with a bet on the flop. A C-bet makes the most of the action that is gained by being the pre-flop aggressor, which is carried onto the flop. By being the aggressor, you can usually make your opponent fold, thereby forfeiting the pot. The move is a very effective one since poker hands often miss the flop.


The fundamental idea behind the Continuous Bet is that anytime you raise before the flop, the message that is passed to other players on the table is that you are comfortable with your hand. This also implies that you are eager to keep playing for the possibility of winning more money.


Once the flop comes, your continuous bet still implies that you are comfortable with your hand. As stated earlier, being the aggressor can make your opponent fold easily. This makes the continuous bet a good and effective move, if used properly. This is because poker hands miss the flop oftentimes.


Anytime other players simply flat-calls, it is possible they have no initiative in the hand. Being the aggressor due to your position implies that you think your hand is better than theirs. Yet, it is very possible for both of you to miss on the flop. However, if you bet when they check, it simply implies that you’ve passed across how good you are two times. As a result, they will likely be forced to fold if they are unable to catch a piece on the board.

What Makes Continuation Bet Popular?

Continuation Bet is based on making the most of an initiative. When there is any indication of having a strong hand pre-flop, your opponents in the hand would check to see your response. This represents a good opportunity to bet since your bet can win the pot even though you completely missed the board.

What Are the Benefits of a Continuation Bet?

Continuation bets have gained so much popularity due to some benefits, which are associated with the ability to take down pots, especially when no player is connected with the flop. Some of these benefits are introduced in this section:


  • If you have a very good hand, you can build a pot when you adopt continuous bets.


  • Continuation betting represents an essential component of pre-flop strategies that adopt the concept of balance. It is possible for your bet to take down a pot when your opponent has no hand. Yet, this can also place them under pressure with a marginal hand. This is due to the fact that continuous betting range comprises both weak and strong hands

What Determines a Good Continuation Bet

To play a balanced continuous betting in poker, you can adopt different strategies. However, there are several factors that you must never ignore when you wish to adopt continuous betting. Of course, no strategy can guarantee you a win. Irrespective of this, by taking these factors into account, your chances of playing a balanced game will improve.


Besides making the most of continuous bet, having the right platform is important. Bet365 games app and other similar platforms will help improve your winning chances.

Your opponent

This is one of the most important factors that determine how you make use of a continuous bet. As long as you are aware of who you are up against, then resorting to a c-bet implies that you consider all possible plans for turn and river.

Out of position/ in position:

In position makes it more difficult for your opponent to put you under pressure. With this in mind, you should tend to make c-bets in position.

The number of players in the pot

The higher the number of players that you must get through, the lower the frequency of using c-bet to bluff.

Final Thoughts

Poker has gained lots of recognition, thanks to the fact that it is a game of skill and luck. With the number of competitions, as well as the availability of the game at various casinos, which players can enjoy, poker has become a popular choice among punters. Yet, a challenging aspect of the game – which makes it more fun – for beginners is knowing how to bet and when to bet. As a result, one of the best moves a poker player can make is the continuous bet, due to its simplicity and effectiveness. However, some factors must be taken into account before resorting to c-bet.

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