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3D Printed Meat Is Now Actually Being Served In Several European Restaurants–Should You Buy In?

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

3D printed meat has now been seen being served in multiple restaurants in Europe, according to a recent report by BGR.

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As per the report, the meat is courtesy of an Israel-based startup called Redefine Meat, whose plan is to expand the availability of their meat alternatives throughout Europe.

For now, you can taste Redefine Meat’s 3D printed meat (steaks, specifically) in a few high-end restaurants in London, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

But while the startup hasn’t shared which specific restaurants will carry their meat in these cities, it has been confirmed that celebrity chef Marco Pierre White’s restaurants in the UK will be offering the 3D printed meat, reports the UK Independent. 

The price point is a bit steep (considering these are high-end restaurants). If you want to try steaks made via 3D printing at White’s and three other restaurants in London, the price will range from £20 to £30 (around $26.50 to $39 USD).

And if you’re not really feeling the steak, you can also try Redefine Meat’s so-called “premium quality” lamb kebabs, burgers, and ground beef in other restaurants throughout England, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Furthermore, the company is looking forward to not only offering their products in high-end restaurants, but also supermarkets where more people would be able to afford them.

3D printed meat is not new, but it certainly hasn’t entered mainstream yet due to the very high introductory price.

Back in August, a team of scientists managed to use 3D printing tech to create “synthetic beef” which they say is not so different in taste and texture to wagyu beef, which normally costs an astronomical $200 per pound and an even more insane $30,000 for an entire animal.

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How Is Redefine’s 3D Printed Meat Made?

As per the original BGR report, Redefine Meat uses 3D printing technology combined with artificial intelligence and material science to create their meat alternatives.

The combination of the two technologies enable the startup to “accurately” recreate the feel of the animal meat’s muscle fibers, as well as the juicy texture that people know and love.

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On the official website for Redefine Meat, their technology is also apparently advanced enough that they’re allowing people to create their own custom meat via an in-site configurator.

With the configurator, customers can tweak a few sliders such as the weight, fat content, and protein content of the meat, and also pick which specific type of meat they want. There seems to be three options as of the moment: Holstein, Angus, and Wagyu.

Is 3D Printed Meat Healthy?

3D printed meat is largely made from plant materials. In a video by FRANCE 24 that features Redefine Meat’s manufacturing process, they reveal that they study different meat cuts to determine what kind of components they can mimic to create the right flavor and texture profile:

Considering that plant-based food has been largely confirmed as being healthier (lower risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even some cancers, via Harvard University), then it might be safe to say that people would want to try out 3D printed meat in the future.

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