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2024 Range Rover EV is Going Fully Electric Coming Soon; Land Rover Event Confirms

The 2024 Range Rover is going to be an electric vehicle, and it is going to be a full-fledged one, as confirmed by Land Rover’s event earlier today. While the event has focused more on the company’s 2022 release, the announcement came with it, unveiling the news about the new vehicle. It is going to be a luxury SUV that would be fully electric, as designed by the Brits. 

2024 Range Rover EV Confirmed

(Photo : Land Rover via YouTube Screenshot)

The New Range Rover was announced for 2022, but it is not yet the electric vehicle take of the company to its luxury SUVs. However, the unveiling of the next-generation Range Rovers was brought here, and it confirms the existence of a fully electric SUV that would bring the design and engineering that was brought by the British. 

The 2024 Range Rover EV was confirmed earlier today but would not come out by 2023 or 2024, with its delivery going to be the latter year. 

Electric mobility is spreading out from coast-to-coast and different countries, where soon, it would be adopted globally for the future. Land Rover has not yet brought any details with regards to its EVs, but its design screams a minimalist and luxurious vehicle. 

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Land Rover Brings an Electric SUV

(Photo : Land Rover via YouTube Screenshot)

Land Rover says that the new SUV is a “definition of luxury travel,” and it would have a design that would boast of its luxury but keep it on the lowkey. The British manufacturing company has shown their vehicle in a new light, and it would not be as slick or sporty as its previous designs for the Range Rover. 

Not much has been unveiled of the new EV, apart from its first look as well as its electric motor to power its mobility features. 

Will It Go Full Electric Like Competitors?

In terms of an electric SUV, a lot has already made its presence and take on the market, and it involves a lot of cars that have been released in the industry already. Tesla’s Model X is one of the most prominent in the luxury SUV EV focus, while General Motors has that for the Cadillac Lyriq. 

On the other hand, Ford’s Mustang Mach-E EV is a crossover SUV, hailing its design from its racing heritage and “Mustang” breeding. Rivian also has the R1S for its fully electric SUV, while Volkswagen has the ID.4 that also borders as a crossover SUV. 

(Photo : Land Rover via YouTube Screenshot)

The industry may already be saturated with electric SUVs as there are more than what is mentioned earlier, but that does not stop the likes of Land Rover and its Range Rover brand from entering. Pretty soon, most of the vehicles would adapt to electric mobility, and it would be one step to help the planet in reversing the effects. 

That being said, Land Rover’s take on the luxury SUV is a minimalist take that captures the branding of what made the vehicle known to all. 

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