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2022 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle Speed Upgrades Can Be Done Through In-App Payments

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) 2022 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle Speed Upgrades Can be Done Through In-App Payments

While electric cars are usually getting all the buzz, there has already been huge improvements in the way these vehicles can be upgraded when it comes to electric motorcycles. Zero Motorcycles’ brand new 2022 Zero SR is getting some pretty powerful speed updates that can be done all through your phone.

Zero Motorcycles 2022 Zero SR

According to the story by Engadget, Zero Motorcycles’ brand new electric motorbike, the 2022 Zero SR, is taking a very thorough 2020s approach when it comes to upgrades. It was recently revealed that 2022 SR will allow users to “push” certain software-based upgrades to the ride.

This means that instead of the speed limits being a hardware problem, they will just easily be updated through the software allowing the bike to go to greater speeds. Due to the Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycle being more of a sportbike, faster speeds is definitely a big deal.

New Purchasable Features

It was stated that the bike actually includes a particular Cypher Store, and for users who actually plan to get the most out of the powerful 2022 SR, they will need to spend some time and money to do so. The upgrades do not just cover speed alone but also other important factors when it comes to motorcycles.

At first, the Cypher Store is said to offer a mix of different performance and comfort upgrades. It was noted that later on, it will expand into selling purchases that will allow users to enable certain features, just like park mode, faster charging, and heated grips. Harley Davidson is now going into the electric motorcycles division to cater to the new generation of riders.

2022 Zero SR Speed of 104MPH

Quite naturally, the particular capabilities will be possible along with any bike. The software will reportedly allow users to “unlock” the features. Zero notes that the amount to be paid for certain upgrades highly depends on the particular model being upgraded.

It was stated that the 2022 SR has a top speed of a whopping 104 miles per hour. This particular model is going to start at the price of $17,995 when it will debut at dealerships during the first quarter of 2022. Kawasaki has already announced their plans to release all-electric motorcycles by the year 2035.

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Upgraded 2022 Zero SR Speed of 124MPH

Should buyers not be satisfied with its top speed, however, Zero Motorcycles says there is a way to crank it up a notch without buying physical upgrades. It was noted that with a whopping $1,795 in-app purchase, the total power output would increase.

It was noted that those who opt to upgrade their 2022 SR would then be able to go as fast as 124MPH. This is a significant increase of 20 miles per hour compared to the base 104 miles per hour for the standard 2022 SR without upgrades.


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