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11 Best Tools for Lawyers To Improve Productivity

(Photo : 11 Best Tools for Lawyers To Improve Productivity)

Nowadays, several businesses have become highly reliant on innovative applications and cloud-based platforms. It is also true for your legal business. As a busy lawyer, you like to increase your productivity and serve your clients in a better way. Thus, without leveraging benefits from technologically advanced applications, you cannot achieve your goal. Reputed law firms have already implemented modern applications to streamline their daily operations. Check the list of the best tools for lawyers to save time and effort.

Most reliable legal tools for lawyers

1. Legal Citation Generator

To present information at the court and deal with legal publications, you need to cite legal sources. Legal Citation Generator is a reliable tool that takes a few minutes to find references in a legal document.

As one of the best attorney tools, it reduces your effort for getting access to references. The tool can present you with a list of some government website links. You may click on the link, access the legal document, and go through it easily.

Both lawyers and law students can gain value from the tool. Professionals in the legal industry may check codes and laws to build the case and add citations in the in-court documentation. Similarly, law students may read legal materials while providing citations for academic work.

You can visit Lawrina to get Law Citation Generator, one of the useful tools for law firms. Make your arguments stronger with citations and links.

2. Solicitors’ Toolkit

Legal professionals can choose it as one of the best tools to solve solicitor-related problems. The tool presents you with regularly updated information and resources. You will easily learn about the recent developments in the legal sector. The toolkit also includes drafting tools and law reports of different jurisdictions. Lawyers who work as solicitors can start using the toolkit.

3. Westlaw

Both professional lawyers and aspiring ones can choose Westlaw as one of the productivity apps. Westlaw gives easy access to the important legal encyclopedia. There are also details about previous court cases, legislation, and legal journals. You can stay up-to-date on the previous and ongoing cases. It enables you to sharpen your legal skills and strengthen your knowledge.

Attorneys searching for a global research library can choose Westlaw. The intuitive interface makes it easy for you to learn about the latest events.

4. Adobe E-sign

Electronic signatures have now become the best option for avoiding human errors. Moreover, e-signatures make legal activities fasters. Both attorneys and their clients can avoid using papers.  

To take advantage of the Electronic signature trends, lawyers prefer tools like Adobe E-Sign. They can sign the documents remotely.

There is no need to wait for the paper-based documents. It will reduce the bounce rate of potential clients. In some cases, attorneys need to sign documents every month, and thus, the e-signature tool is a must.

5. ScheduleOnce

Attorneys need to attend different meetings regularly with judges, colleagues, and clients. The tool helps in scheduling a conference with a few clicks. You do not need to download this cloud-based scheduling tool. You will save time and avoid double-booking problems. You may also connect the tool with other platforms and calendars. ScheduleOnce also helps you with real-time updates of your schedule. Your clients will be able to select the appointment slot. Create your appointment pages and add them easily to your business website. Thus, the management of schedules becomes effortless for a law firm.

6. Clio

Busy lawyers look for on-the-go solutions, and Clio is the right choice for them. To manage your legal practice, you can use this cloud-based app. Clio is one of the mobile apps giving you access to your client data remotely and safely at any time.

Using Clio, you may also view client details, create new contacts, and track time.

Furthermore, Clio integrates with several otheruseful apps for attorneys on this list. In total, it has 200 integration partners, and thus, you will get a comprehensive solution from it.

7. Penultimate

Lawyers need to take notes on different issues. However, to get the tactile feel of writing, you can download the app, Penultimate. You may use the electronic mode to save your handwritten thoughts. Take notes manually and stay organized.

Moreover, you can synchronize Penultimate with Evernote to process your notes.

8. Fastcase

Like Westlaw, Fastcase is one of the biggest mobile-friendly law libraries available in the free version. When you are not at your office and like to practice law, you can use Fastcase. Furthermore, you may integrate Fastcasewith Clio for a better time tracking solution while you do legal research.

9. Casetext

Designed with Artificial Intelligence, Casetext is a legal assistant known as CARA (Case Analysis Legal Research). It assists you inidentifying the cases relevant to legal documents. The tool gives you an option to upload documents, which contains text about the Legal field. It also displays the cases relevant to your uploaded document. 

10. Smokeball

As a cloud-based application, it simplifies the legal practice management process. It also automatically tracks your activity and time. You will be able to work efficiently. Smokeball is the platform to store your contacts, documents, and emails. The information is accessible to you offline.

There are more than 12,000 automatically generated legal forms to deal with repetitive tasks. One of the best facts is that you may choose Smokeball for your personal use. Your personal contacts will be separated from the business ones. Moreover, the app will send reminders for deadlines and conferences.

11. Slack

Slack enables you to collaborate and communicate with your colleagues. You may attach your legal files and send messages. You can organize your Slack discussions into channels to distinguish your cases. You may also make voice calls and videos directly from the app.

Client communications become easier with Slack.

You can use more than one tool for your legal operations. We have listed the best ones for attorneys. Law firms will also get benefits from using productivity apps. You can streamline your everyday activities with innovative tools.

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